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Community Activities

As one grows personally and professionally, I believe it is important to help others grow as they continue on their journey. The organizations that I am involved in actively support individual and professional development, leadership, and empowerment.


Girl Develop It

Girl Develop It provides affordable technology classes to communities around the US with the goal of helping students further their education and obtain jobs in the technology industry.

I joined the organization's Philadelphia chapter as a student and teaching assistant. In January 2015, I became instructor for the UX201: Intro to User Research course. In April 2017, the first GDI Boulder/Denver UX class was offered with more classes to come. As of April 2018, I am one of the local Chapter Leaders for GDI Boulder/Denver responsible for overseeing the local organization direction and operations. If you're interested in teaching for GDI Boulder/Denver, please contact me to discuss how you can contribute.

I thought it was great. Alicia had a great amount of experience to draw from and provided a good amount of additional reading to explore next.
— Berly, Student Sept. 2015
Alicia is knowledgable, experienced and enthusiastic. I appreciate the many resources she provided to further our education.
— Julie, Student Mar. 2015
My “Aha!” moment happened during a Girl Develop It workshop on UX research methods taught by Alicia Raciti in September 2015.
— Laura, Student Sept. 2015 (http://technical.ly/philly/2017/03/16/laura-oxenfeld-tech-scene)

ELA Conf

In 2015 I spoke at the inaugural ELAConf in Philadelphia, PA. Centered around empowerment, leadership, and action (ELA), the conference and associated community empower women in technology to become effective leaders. 

From 2015-2018 I co-organized a monthly goals accountability meetup that provides a space for attendees to celebrate accomplishments, find mentorship, and stay on track with their goals.